How Google Product Listing Ads Helps you to Boost Your Business !!!
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Google Product Listing Ads are interchangeably throughout the book.

They both are the same thing -Google’s paid shopping ads program, consists of the Google Shopping data feed or Google Merchant and the Product Listing Ads campaign section is of Google Adwords.

Product Listing Ads begins with a product feed means it’s a simple file on your server, for which Google is looking for all the details on all your products. It gathers all the listing products inform Google everything that it needs to know about each product from the location of the picture to the price.

We evaluated the Shopping campaigns and text campaigns together to triggered by keywords and PLAs by-product feeds.

Evaluating PLA and text ad performance by separating brand and non-brand keyword performance to get a bit closer to a fair comparison as PLAs are likely to be shown brand terms. Interestingly, advertisers running both ad types to saw better performance across brand keywords and non-brand keywords than those advertisers which running only text ads indicating it by a positive impact in leveraging both the ad types.

To improve the overall optimization strategies. Here are a few suggestions to leverage each ad type to improve it and expand it into new channels.

Leverage Promotional Ad Copy – Capitalize on promotional messaging that has worked for text ads to incorporate as promotional lines in your PLAs.

Leverage Product-Level Insights Cross-Channel – Expand or improve your performance in other channels by creating ads for best-performing products.

Feed Optimization- Leverage search from text ad campaigns to incorporate into product feed. This will help PLAs to resonate with searchers.

Inform Text Ad Structure & Optimization – Uncover opportunities for keyword expansion or adjust bids and budgets based on best-performing products in Shopping campaigns.

Shopping Campaign Structure – Use search text ad performance data to identify top products when determining Shopping campaign structure. Creating product groups for top performers will allow for smarter and more granular bid optimization.

Minimize Inefficient Spend – Use negative keywords from text ad campaigns to instantly refine traffic and improve relevancy by restricting which search queries for your ads will appear against.

Increase Ad Credibility – Become a Google Trusted Store so that you can take advantage of review extensions in text ads.

Shopping campaign budgets have grown dramatically and it’s become even more important for retailers to optimize specifically for these ad type.

Hope you enjoy, if in case you have any questions about the Product Listing Ads or whether it’s something we didn’t cover or something else is specific for your Google Shopping campaign. Please do suggest with your opinion in the comment box…

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