Know The Innovations & Critiques About Digital Promotion & Link Sharing

Digital Promotion & LinkSharing
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What you know About Digital Promotion & Link Sharing.

Simply, writing and publishing blog posts aren’t enough. There’s so much of digital noise out there in the world!

For most bloggers, the natural first step is to share their content on Social Sites but after this, many writers are at a loss. If all you’re doing and want to showcase your blog posts on different sites, then you’re missing out thousands of potential views that could come from sharing on other platforms.

We need to build it so that we will come up with amenable kind of thing. Then our work will be begun by hitting the “Publish” button that’s time to promote the work.

Promotion and link sharing

No matter how great you make your content, sometimes finding an audience organically can still be a struggle. To help improve the reach of your posts, you might want to consider trying out a few different services that will likely boost your shares.

Let’s take a look at such platforms.


There are two sides of Quuu — both of which can be beneficial to entrepreneurs. The first is the ability to sign up for curated content updates based on your categories of interest. What’s more is that Quuu also offers you the chance to have your content included in some of those suggestion updates. When submitting a blog post or article you’d like to be shared, you can include an image, tag your social account, and select the ideal category for your content. Note that promoting your posts with Quuu will cost you a bit of money but will help get your content shared and perhaps lead to some new followers.

Viral Content Bee

If you’re looking to promote your content but don’t want to spend the money required for services like Quuu, you should give Viral Content Bee a try. Formerly known as Viral Content Buzz, VCB operates on a point system where you can earn credits for sharing other users’ posts and spend credits to have them share your content. This reciprocal sharing doesn’t give you as much audience reach as Quuu but, hey, it’s free.


Compared to the other two services in this section, BizSugar is a bit different. In fact, one could almost consider it its own social network of sorts. Here small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers gather to share business-related content from around the web. Not only does this lead BizSugar to be a treasure trove of content to be consumed and passed on to your followers but also gives you the opportunity to share your business blog posts with a receptive audience. Of course, you’ll want to be sure not to spam BizSugar or any service for that matter and also be sure to take the time to comment and vote on the content posted by other users.


Finally, when it comes to finding new tools for social media and more, AppSumo is a great resource. Truth be told, it’s actually where I first learned about Quuu and other great platforms. You can think of AppSumo almost as a Groupon for business tools, offering discounted service subscription, e-courses, and of course apps on a daily basis. As I can tell you from experience, it’s a site worth keeping an eye on.

Finding places to promote your blog posts isn’t difficult – the internet is an enormous place with a tremendous number of opportunities. Just be sure that your content is relevant to the specific community you target and meets stringent quality guidelines before sharing. When you do so, you’ll discover that there are thousands of potential readers available out there for you that you’d never meet by sticking to social channels alone.

Are there any other online resources you want to share with us, Feel free to give your valuable recommendations!

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