Mutuality With Social Media 2018 – Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Updated!

#Facebook’s Algorithm
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Facebook’s changes its News Feed, just take it, easy dude! No Need to Panic.

According to research – Columnist Rachel Lindteigen says that there are many ways to shares or expand the reach of your content in an effective manner.

If you’re like many marketers, you’ve heard about the update to the Facebook algorithm and the likely impact it will have on organic reach for that channel.

#Facebook’s Algorithm


What is the latest Facebook algorithm update?

This latest algorithm update reduces the number of posts from business pages, publishers and news sites in a user’s news feed. Instead, content that is sparking engagement and conversation from people’s Facebook connections will be prioritized.

Why the algorithm update?

The change is intended to clean up the News Feed. Facebook wants to return to its original mission to help people connect. In many ways, it’s similar to the way Google Panda and Google Penguin worked to clean up the search results. And we’re going to find this latest update to be positive. Like Panda and Penguin, it’s going to force businesses to produce better content, and more importantly, engage with their fans and followers.

Facebook is a business, and if its users don’t enjoy the time they spend on the site, they’re going to go somewhere else. And if users aren’t on the platform, it’s not as alluring to advertisers. So, to protect its business, Facebook is making changes to provide a better user experience.

Is this sound like Google Panda and Penguin?

The Panda and Penguin updates from Google primate in the era of content marketing. It was no longer enough to buy a bunch of links and write up a bit of crummy content. You had to have a strategy and provide content your audience was interested in, go deep into your content and help your users. Google rewarded sites that focused on content. And same results it’ll be going to see on Facebook.

Is it the end of Facebook for businesses? Nah!

We all know some have already been dubbed this update. But Facebook hasn’t said they’ll stop showing your business page’s content. They’ve said they’re focusing on content that inspires meaningful conversations and engages users. Facebook told us if you’re publishing content that’s getting no engagement, it’s not going to be shown and won’t work. Let’s face it if you’re distributing content today that’s not getting any engagement, then the strategy wasn’t working anyway.

What’s going to work for business pages on Facebook?

Content creators are going to have to think more about their audience and what needs they have. The days of sharing every blog post or special offer on Facebook are over. Your organic reach will be limited unless you focus on creating engagement with your audience.

What should be the Facebook strategy follows?

  • Think strategically to expand your reach
  • Know your audience
  • Understand audiences needs
  • Use informative information to shape your strategy
  • Take organic performance up a notch

If you haven’t incorporated video yet, it’s past time. A video is a format that converts the most on social media channels right now. Facebook, in particular, is favoring live video in its algorithm. In a survey, we’ve seen 30 percent to 50 percent increment in reach for live video vs. prerecorded and edited video.

Stay strategic and focus on Facebook audiences, and with your business page to exist with this algorithm update.

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